04 October 2010

Bath And Body Works Haul

A few months back I stocked up on items from the Bath &Bodyworks sale. I think they have items on discount year round, so you can find or try new scented treats without having to spend alot!

I bought 3 full size, and 2 mini items for less then $13 with tax!

I bought the following (btw, if I'm not dscribing the smell fully it's because their name says it all: e.g. Warm Vanilla Sugar body wash smells EXACTLY like that):
  • Tutti Dolci Mango Sorbetto cream body wash: (in my August favorites) originally this was $3 (marked down from $12 I think). It's a luxurious and satin creamy body wash that leaves skin super soft too (thanks to the Sweet Almond Protein). I'm drawn to beauty products that smell fruity or fresh so this is my favorite item. Great for shaving as well.

  • Warm Vanilla Sugar Shower Gel: (smallest size --> 3 oz- in real life the bottle is about 10cm tall) A friend of mine couldn't stop raving about this smell so I just had to try it out for myself, but this turned out to be my least favorite: the smell is too faint for me. And in general I dislike Bath & Body Works Bath GELS- They're actually a bit drying like most clear gels, so I wouldn't buy these again. (Retail $5. Bought for $2.)
  • Velvet Tuberose Shower Gel: At first I didn't like this one much, because it smelt a bit "spicy" but it's definitly grown on me and has become one of my favorite scents. I like the fact that it has a stronger scent and smells like roses with a little something extra. (Retail $5. Bought for $2.)

  • Liplicious Tasty Lip Color in Hot Cakes: a dusty rose pink lip gloss with ALOT of pretty shimmers and what I loved most is that it smells like sweet pancakes drizzeled in syrup. Yummmmm. They're a bit sticky, but nothing unbearable; I prefer using this on it's own or throwing it in my bag for emergencies. These are usually $7 but I got it for $2 so I'm not really complaining.
Here's a small swatch below (one is a drop of it, and the other is blended in a bit)
  • Black Currant Vanilla Sensual Luxury Bath: don't let the name Black currant and Vanilla fool you into thinking it's sweet: it was definitly a strong spicy smell (but if I'm not mistaken bubble baths are supposed to smell more concentrated and you only use a little).
    Unfortunately, since these come in glass containers, it broke when it tilted over in my shower. Boo.:( I tried salvaging it, but since it had pieces of glass in it wasn't worth taking the risk. What's worse is that it left my bathroom and entire house smelling of it for days. This was $16.50 marked all the way down to $3 for 15oz! :) 

I really recommend trying out the scents at Bath and Body for yourself, because alot of times I think something will smell great, but when I get a whiff it turns out to smell really "ick". I thought I'd like Green Tea & Cucumber but boy was I wwwrong (that's just one example).

What are your favorite products from B&B?


Kristie said...

I like the lip color. I didn't realize they have these lipglosses there.

Gigi said...

I think you may find them in the front (on the left or right). I found this one (and all other lipproducts) under the tables they use to display the bath products/creams/etc. :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

My fac scent in the world is sensual amber! It reminds me of fall and that's why I love it!

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