07 October 2010

Skincare Routine And Tips For Clear Skin!

I skipped this months September Favorites, because I just felt like doing an updated skincare routine (which is ALSO a review of new favorites products I've been using) because I'm really ecstatic about the fact that I am barely ever breaking anymore. For once I feel like it's smooth sailing for me and my skin.
Age: 24 years
My skin-type: oily/acne prone
Wear make-up: everyday

Without further a do:

1. Clean & Clear : I recently ran out of my old cream cleanser which was by Noxema and utterly useless (I'm not even kidding), and hoping for the best I picked up this brand. "Hmm... she has oily skin and uses a cream cleanser?" you ask. Though exfoliating had been helping to keep my skin clear and remove  make-up, I didn't want to be TOO harsh and age my skin with daily over-exfoliating or by using drying face washes. That's why I like cream cleansers, because they're recommended for dry skin and thus leave skin soft and not tight.
I remember using this cream cleanser in my teens, when I'd find myself rummaging around at the drugstore hoping to find a miracle product to banish my breakouts. It didn't help dry up my pimples back then, but now that my acne is much more under control I fully appreciate what this cleanser has to offer.
It's thick, white and comes out looking like a paste, but as soon as it mixes with water it's ready to do it's job.

So in summary:
*gives a minty,tingly scent and feel to skin.
*removes most make-up (even my Revlon Colorstay foundation which is hard to remove)
*lathers up nicely even though it's a cream cleanser
*budget friendly: only $6

I do use my Pond's Cold Cream after to remove any left behind traces of make-up (since I use Revlon Colorstay which doesn't come off easy).

2. Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight & Fade Toner : This toner is just Ah-mayh-zing. It's not your regular toner, because it's also meant to fade away post-acne scars! Sure I do have a few stubborn scars here and there which won't entirely go away, but I feel like this has really helped even out most of them.

*available at drugstores/Walmart
*only $7
*really helps fades post acne scars
*helps with preventing acne and deep clean pores to remove dirt/make-up traces

*may be drying
*alcohol smell is noticeable and feels strong due to that

3. The Body Shop face brush ($4) : I bought this brush 2 years ago but didn't use it for long. After I saw Sephora had come out with their own version I remembered about it. Now, I wouldn't say this is THE softest brush but when used gently I feel this brush + my cream cleanser do a good job of removing make-up without being harsh.
I try not to use it every day, only at night when removing make-up and when I really feel I need it.

TIP: I'll alternate this brush and use an exfoliating scrub instead (by Garnier Fructise). I like mixing my exfoliating scrubs with my cream cleanser to create a gentle scrub that can be used everyday. All you need is one drop of your scrub and a dime size of your regular face wash.

TIP : don't let oil sit on your face. This may sound silly, but I didn't realize till recently that on days I wasn't wearing make-up, THIS was giving me break-outs. When you're not wearing make-up, chances are there's no powder or other product there to soak up oil being produced by skin. This leads to oil and dead skin cells clogging up pores and usually causing whiteheads and pimples.
So now when I'm at home and not wearing make-up I make sure to rinse my face with water every few hours. And if you're at school or anywhere, make sure to blot your face with tissue or special blotting papers.

4. Moisturize : I've been using Oil of Olay's Total Effects moisturizer, to restore moisture and counteract any drying effects of toner. I don't use this over, just around my laugh lines, eyes, and forehead. And even though it's a rich cream, it doesn't break out my oily skin.
You can use any moisturizer that works for you though, just make sure you're face isn't getting too oily (see point 6 again).

5. Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight & Fade Gel : I use Neutrogena or Clean & Clear for those occasional whiteheads or pimples that pop up. And I use it under make-up so the gel can do it's job during the day too and dry up any spots. Then I use some at night again for emergency treatment.

This is just what's been working for me and what I do to keep my skin clear while freely wearing make-up on a daily basis. If you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me a message and feel free to add your own tips.:)

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Ooh thanks for the tips! i never know which kind of wash to buy. This is really helpful though :)

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