12 May 2008

Nails: Yellow Fever

I'm obsessed with the new bright colors for spring. Mani's and pedi's are no exception, even when it comes to... yellow. A bright, sunny, cheery color.

I posted a poll asking what readers thought of bright yellow nail polish.
The results?
33%- Hate it
46%- Lovin' the bright color!
18%- Maybe in another shade of yellow.
(Thanks to the many of you who voted. :) I appreciate it.

TIP: If you have fair skin opt for a darker (mustard-ish) yellow. Bright and light yellows also look fab on darker skin tones.

If you don't care much for the yellow, you can still rock sther bright colors: there's a nail color explosion underway with vibrant hues.
Bright shades (blue, orange, hot pink, yellow) were showcased on the Spring 2008 runways. You can check out my post "Hottest nail color trends".

OPI also has a wide variety of high quality polishes ($7.00) and you can get a glimpse of what the colors would look like against your skin tone here.
What's your mani/pedi preference?
Do you prefer a more neutral shade or do you dare to go bold?
I wonder if guys even notice? Please share!


Rachel said...

Aww Rihana's dog is soooo cute. Looks like a little stuffed toy. Lol. I really like the yellow nail trend too! I prefer neutral colors on my fingernails though since I'm pretty white haha. Love- Rachel.

Make-up addict said...

I just did mine yellow today.:) Looked great against my tan too. I tried a cream yellow first but that just looked blah. I used OPI.

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