10 May 2008

Faking A Bob

Forget faking O's, the new it thing is faking bobs!

After going thru so many pics of Posh Spice and Rihanna with their sexy short hair I've been toying with the idea of copying them. But let's be real... I'm not ready to give up my long locks yet after spending years trying to grow out.

I love the idea of recreating the new fake bob trend that was all over the Emmys red carpet in the fall and also modeled on the runways at Derek Lam's spring collection. Stars like Penelope Cruz and especially Eva Longoria are just a few faking bobs.

To get this look, curl hair in rollers or with a curling iron, then pin underneath. It may take some practicing and some heavy-duty styling spray if you have stick-straight hair.

Here are more detailed instructions:
1. Apply quite a bit of mousse- roots to ends- so your hair has a lot of texture (less slippage once pinned up).
2. Blow it very dry and somewhat straight, then set it in rollers or pin curls.
3. Let them cool, take them out, and brush your hair until it’s big and poofy.
4. Gather it into a loose, low pony, twist it into a bun, and tuck the bun under your hair so you don’t see it anymore.
5. Your hair should poof up around it to look like a bob; once it looks right, pin the bun in place and pull more hair over it.
6. The final (obvious) step: strong-hold hairspray!
Hopefully I’ll find time to try my own “bob” soon and post photos for you!

P.s.: A trick that may make this easier for those with impossibly straight, slippery hair is to tease the bottom section of your hair (the part that's going to be twisted up into a bun). This combined with alot of hairspray will help your hair stay in place.
It's also essential that you have layers that you can pull out in order to camouflage the parts that have been pinned up.

Here are some video tutorials:

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