15 May 2008

Hot Nail Color Trends

Hot colors this season are al bright- and even neon. The collections that have came out for Spring where mixed. Some companies are going all pale (Essie and Orly) while other companies are full of neons, holographic, and daring  colors (China Glaze).

OPI's collections usually are a mix of light and dark colors. Supplemental collections are more popular than ever. It seems like every month something new is coming out!
China Glaze just released three collections and are already planning three more for summer. The same goes for OPI.

 A French manicure is always appropriate and timeless. The dark navy blue trend is still going strong with the darker purples being pulled into the craze.

Leave it to Rihanna to be bold and daring on the Red Carpet. I soooo love this look with the blue dress vs. orange nails and can't wait for my nails to grow out a bit!;)

1. CND "Studio 54"
2. Color Club "Blue Light"
3. Finger Paints "Make a Scene"
4. CND "Hot Pop Orange"
5. China Glaze "Linger"

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