15 May 2008

Best Cheap Base Coat

Looking for a cheap (yet effective) base coat? I bought one today and I love it.

Fact: base coats makes polish last longer and prevent nail discoloration from using polishes. Use them alone and it gives a clean, natural finish.

Now I knowwww that Wet N Wild is considered "low quality" due to the price and to be honest most of the nail polishes do chip quickly. But I was quite happy with the results of this basecoat and give it 2 thumbs up!:) Invest in a good quality topcoat though.

Click here to see other nail treatment products from Wet N Wild Shine.

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Beauty 365 said...

umm...i can't find your comment because Haloscan sucks, but...

Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On eyeliners are amazing and *never* budge.

i've reviewed a couple on my site and the only downside is the cost ($15) -- other than that, they are great!


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