17 May 2008

How To Get Bacne Free

If you suffer from occasional body acne break outs you're not the only one. I occasionally get em too and envy those who have perfect skin.

After searching for various products (Clean & Clear was one of them) which never really seem to work I think I found a better solution: NEW! St. Ives Clear Pore Body Wash.

You can get it for only...
/drum roll
a few bucks!! ($4.00).

On the front of the bottle, St. Ives claims that “this oil-free formula clarifies pores to keep skin fresh and clear ”... “pores all over your body can get clogged with dirt and oils. St. Ives Clear Pore Body Wash with tea tree is naturally effective and 100% oil-free, so it keeps skin fresh and clear from head to toe.”

Tea Tree is a pure oil that is primarily found in Australia. It's widely known to have antibacterial properties and is recognized as an antiseptic by the FDA. It also used as a topical agent for the skin for minor cuts, rashes, stings, & blemishes. Tea tree oil is very similar to benzoyl peroxide, but doesn’t leave the skin as dry.

I was am also so pleased with the nice refresing scent of it since so many other products which contain tee trea don't smell as nice. It also foams up so well to boot and my skin is left feeling soft. So far it's been keeping my acne in check and I use it on my face too if I'm in a hurry and in the shower.
Sooo.. I definatly will be buying this again and I recommend it to any of you who wanto to keep your skin clear.

If you have more severe acne look into Neutrogenas Rapid Clear treatment pads. I tried em and it worked really well too.

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Anonymous said...

allo =)

i just kind of stumbled onto your blog & i have to say, it's full of handy advice! (& cost-efficient!)

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