18 May 2008

Skin: Strange Beauty Tips (That Work Of Course!)

Here are a few beauty tips from which your skin will benefit:

1. Customize Body Lotion
Instead of sheling out alot for an expensive perfumed body product, you can make your own by pouring a few drops of fragrance into any scent-free lotion. Rub it on-the scent will last for hours.
If you don't have time to book a self-tanning session, mix a few pumps of body bronzer with regular hand lotion and pat it on your legs for a gradual dose of sexy, beachy color.

If you're craving shiny legs that aren't greasy, blend a drop of baby oil into your normal body lotion for extra luster.

2. Exfoliate Your PitsIf your underarms start to look dry and flaky, an easy trick is to exfoliate them with a gentle face scrub/loofah to keep that skin pretty when going sleeveless. Not only that but it will get rid of all the residue left behind by deodorant and helps skin re absorb it properly.

3. Shave with ...
Ran out of shaving cream? Do double duty by coating your stems with a thick hair conditioner or even body lotion. It softens the hair so it's easier to shave off and makes legs feel amazingly silky.

4. Press a Tea Bag on SplotchesIf your skin is sensitive or just looking irritated and puffy for some reason, steep a bag of green tea for a minute or two, let it cool down, and dab it over your face. The antioxidants in the tea take down inflammation.

5. Put Diaper-Rash Cream on Dry SpotsSlather on a thick layer of diaper-rash cream to heal cracked elbows and feet.

6. Scent your clothes
You know those fancy bars that are actually too pretty to use? Toss them in your underwear or tee-shirt drawers to make your skin smell delicious.

7. Soften Your Bod with AvocadoTake a ripe avocado, remove the pit and skin, and mash it up in a bowl. Slather it all over your body, let it sit for 20 minutes, then rinse off. Your skin will be sooo soft — avocado is a natural moisturizer.

8. Cure Calluses with Vaseline
Slather on the petroleum jelly, and put on socks before bed to dissolve tough calluses overnight.

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