21 May 2008

Prada Has Me Seeing Money Fairies

I think if I had to pick this would probably be the "it" bag for 2008: the "Prada Fairy Bag". The moment I saw it I fell off my chair and simply needed it.

The ink design is authentic…oh yes! The bag is actually stained with ink. I googled more info about it and read that some people claim this bag bleeds (the ink) when it comes in contact with water. Could it be? Yes... Sadly it's true.
But... only the first batch which was made.

After people went to the stores and complained asking for refunds they fixed this "issue" so rest assured that chances of getting these faulty bags are pretty much slim to nothing.
I mean who wants topay over $2,000 for a bag and then have it look like a kindergarten kid's art project? Now it’s made complete with a protective treatment, so you can still look fly in the rain!

The bigger one I love.. but if you google the smaller one it's also soooo cute!!!

 It's said to be a limited edition. The smaller version retails for $2290 and the larger for $2490. Call your local Prada boutique to inquire and be put on the wait list.

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