14 May 2008

Make Your Manicure Last

I like to think of nails as a fashion ACCESSORY: they can add detail to your outfit.

I have short finger nails since I'm a nail biter, but I'm doing my best at the moment to grow them out at the moment so I can join in on the fun bright fingernail trend too!;) I also want to start doing at home nail deco once they grow a bit.

How to paint your nails so it will last:
1. To prepare nails: wash and use nail polish remover to get rid of any oil on nails.

2. Buff your nails, file the edges so the polish won' flake. Polish goes on smoother and sticks better to smooth surfaces.

3. Apply a base coat: it gives the nails something to cling to so that it lasts longer. Follow with two thin coats of polish in your fave color, then finish off with a quality top coat. Check out my top choice for cheap, effective base coat.
TIP: When you apply the top coat, be sure to run the brush horizontally across the tip of the nail with a bit of it going under the edge of the nail. This will help prevent peeling and seals the manicure properly.

4. It goes without saying that you should paint your nails only when you have time so you don't rush. Let your nails polish dry 5-10 minutes between coats. If the coat below isn’t completely dry before you add the next one, your nails won’t dry properly for quite a while, leading to chips and smudges. Grrrr!

  • Don't use your nails as tools (e.g. for opening soda cans or picking at envelopes with your freshly painted nails.)
  • Instead of buffing you can use a coat of Ridge Filler (available from Sally Hansen and other brands).
  • Wear gloves to do housework and wash dishes.
  • Gently roll polish bottles it between your hands instead of shaking. This reduces chances of air bubbles forming- these can cause bumps when you apply the polish.
  • *If you're in a rush, plunge your nails into ice water for a few seconds between coats -this will quickly dry and seal the nail polish.
  • Glitter polishes stays on a few days longer.
  • Most brands only last a year before expiring, thickening and/or clumping. If nail polish is too thick it doesn't dry well.
  • Stay away from quick drying nail polishes unless you absolutely have to use them! The ingredients in them also cause nail polish to peel quicker. It's better to wait a few extra minutes and reap the benefits when your nail polish lasts days longer.
  • To keep your nail polish in top condition, refrigerate it in the summer. You should also clean the polish bottle carefully after each use by wiping the outside edge of the bottle with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover to keep the bottle from sticking shut.

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