19 April 2008

Menswear Chic: How To Wear Blazers And Vests

Women in "mens wear chic" clothing is still very much in: sleek white button-down and Victorian style blouses, vests, fedoras, ruffles, pinstripes, suspenders, oxfords, briefcase bags, blazers and crisp wide-leg trousers.

..~BLAZERS~..A blazer is another perfect piece every women should have. The blazer can be dressed down in jeans and dressed up with a dress (as pictured above on Kirsten Dunst, Kate Bosworth and Kate Moss).

Tips for wearing a blazer at dinner dates or parties:

** This ones too long, that ones too short.. and this ones just right... You have to make sure that the blazer fits almost perfectly. A bit snug around your waist, and maybe just a teensy bit of shoulder pads. Like I said- just a BIT- as you don't want to end up looking like one of extras on The Golden Girls.
The length is also very important: not too short (above the waist is so last year), and not too long (or you'll risk looking like your dull 5th grade math teacher you always you couldn't help but want to give a make over...)

** Roll up the sleeves: Yes, Miami Vice so nailed it when they started the whole blazer+pulled up sleeves trend. Pile on the bracelets!

** Skinny jeans a must (yay!): Since blazers tend to add volume to the top, keep some skinny dignity by going tight on the bottom.

** Accesorizing is a must! Add some style by piling on a couple of necklaces, or a hot studded belt. You can even pair a blazer with a waist cinching belt. Picture a studded belt (so rocker chic!) or one in a bright color.
** You’ll never go wrong with a hot clutch. Over-sized ones are preferred.

** Stylish shoes! The funkier the shoes, the more relaxed the look is. Don’t wear your blazer with typical work-like pointed heels. Try booties, braided flats (my choice) or colored pumps.

Worn right they can look very chique.

I love the layered look- You can wear it over a button-down blouse, over a white short-sleeve t-shirt or a long-sleeve crewneck tee, a tank, or nothing at all!
I just ordered one in denim from forever21.com. Can't wait for it to get here. For an even bigger assortment of Feminine-menswear chic vests check out Urban Outfitters.

Wide leg trousers are back in style. This is a great alternative for those who simply can't stand skinny jeans. Masculine wide-legged trousers are much more forgiving if you have wide hips, and they work really well for petite women, as you can wear them extra-long with super-high heels - Tres chic!

The look is kinda growing on me already I gotta admit. If you're gonna wear them, do it with tighter clothes on your top half.

(Pictures on: Beyonce, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez)

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