19 April 2008

How To Wear Leggings

Here are some ideas about wearing skin hugging leggings while still keeping it classy:

  • With a dress or tunic style top: You’ll want a dress that doesn’t cling too much and that isn't see thru so it shows the detail of the leggings underneath. Thicker jersey knits, spandex knit blends and mesh work best. Fancy silk dresses also work when paired with heels. A-line patterned styles with empire cuts and front-knots work particularly well because they’re forgiving on the hip, tummy and thigh area. Straighter shift styles work well for those with apple and rectangular body types.

  • Dress or tunic length. If you have slim thighs, wear your dress/tunic as short as mid-thigh length and no shorter. If you have a bit of extra width on your thighs, wear your dress around the knee (either just above, on, or just below). Do not wear leggings without wearing an extra long top, or as a substitute for pants (e.g. with a tight tee which reaches your waist).
  • Leggings length. I love leggings when they stop on the widest part of your calf because it accentuates legs and calf muscles without being too revealing. Very sexy. And what even better is that it doesn't matter if you have small or big calves. Wearing them ankle length looks best paired with a high heel. Most leggings are ankle length which means that you’ll need to scrunch them up to your best length. I bought a black pair from Benneton and I just fold em up neatly if I want the knee length look.
  • Legging types. There are plenty of options to choose from. Black is the best color for this look (although other dark colors, like brown, will work too). Recently I see alot of people going bright, which looks good if your more daring. Think hot pink and yellow! (Paired with a matching top of course, preferably in a print.)
  • Shoe options. The look works with heels, ballet flats, wedges, fancy thong sandals and shoes with chunky heels. Heels are my personal favorite when it comes this look.

A few things to keep in mind when wearing leggings:
  1. Make sure your leggings reach to at least mid-calf (in my opinion, longer is better).
  2. Never, ever wear leggings with a top so short that it reveals your butt.
  3. Don't wear your leggings with a really long dress, leggings should be worn under something short to show them off.
  4. For shoes almost anything goes- tall boots, high heels or flats, depending on what you like.
  5. Try to stay away from sheer leggings because they won't make your legs look as slim as solid leggings will.
  6. Another problem with sheer leggings is if your dress/shirt/skirt rides up you'll be giving the world a great view of your underwear.
    Example: Paris Hilton was caught by papparazzi with her butt hanging out thanks to the sheer leggings and dress riding up- revealing her underwear.

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