17 April 2008

Skinny Jeans Going Out Of Fashion?

I'm sure you've probably noticed skinny jeans are still hot after 2 years thanks to celebrities like Kate Moss, Lindsey Lohan and Sienna Miller always spotted wearing them. When worn the right way, they can look sexy or feminine.  On the other hand, some people absolutely hate them.

The trick is knowing how to wear them(!).
  • You DON'T need to be a SKINNY size 2 to wear them, but I admit you DO need to have somewhat of a small/average body frame.
  • If you're super skinny don't get them too tight.
  • For a sexy look wear them if you are a little bit curvy with some 3 inch heels- this will add some height.
  • There are so many ways to wear them for example with a long/tunic top. Or with a fitted top which also looks really cute.

Shoes being worn with them:
Heels and ballet flats are what most people turn to, but now I see more people wearing them casually with flats: Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers, flip flops, sandals, gladiators, etc.

According to some stylists predictions, skinny jeans are about to bit the dust. It could be the fact that Autumn/winter runway shows where full of wide, elegant, cuff-hemmed "man trousers" with pleated fronts- the sort Katharine Hepburn would play golf in.

As usual, the new baggy style won't suit everyone (petite women will be swamped, and should stick to a nice tailored pair).

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