17 April 2008

2008 Hair Trend: Bangs/Fringe

Bangs are (literally) so in your face this year. Not to mention they're the fastest and cheapest way to get a new look whether you have long hair or short. Adding bangs to a short hair style can make you look very sexy and alluring. Adding bangs to your long hair style can liven things up without you having to sacrifice length.

Once you decide you want bangs there are so many styles to choose from too (choppy, short, long, regular, sideswept or basic) which will each give a diffrent look. I'm rockin' the side swept bangs, which was most popular, but now blunt bangs are taking over.

Side swept bangs (on Reese Witherspoon) can easily be kept in place with hair care products like hair spray mousse and pomade. Ask your hair stylist about which hair product will work best with your type of hair.
The straight style bang (seen on Rihanna lately), would require me to straighten my hair every day so I don't find it functional for me. I love love her look though!
Penelope Cruise seen wearing the Audrey Hepburn look. Suits her- definitely not for me though.

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