26 September 2010

Korres Make-up Haul/Review

Korres (originated in Greece) is one of those brands that really doesn't get as much attention as it should. I've recently become a HUGE Korres fan, specially with all the awareness being raised about cosmetic/beauty  ingredients which could be harming us, and worse: causing long term effects.

I do want to be more safe with the products I use but on the other hand don't want to give up using my precious make-up. What's a girl to do? Find more natural alternatives of course- ahem... without having to sacrifice pigmentation and wear. :)

Here's what makes me feel better about using Korres and their choices when it comes to ingredients (click images to enlarge):

Newho, without further a do... my stash:
I thought I'd break down my review into 2 parts.
This post will be about their make-up and Part 2 will be about the Brightening Wild Rose Serum (which btw really DOES smell like sweet sweet roses... Mmmmmmm! Need... to... find.... the whole range... so I can slather myself in it from head to toe.)

No but seriously, I'm now on the lookout for a similarly scented candle.

Zea Mays Powder Blush in 44 Orange ($24) (0.21 oz): I'd been lusting for similar blush shades to the one MAC came out with ("Ripe Peach"). And no0o0o, I wasn't going to settle for coral shades-- which essentially look pink when applied. I wanted more of a tan orange shade.

When I first examined the blush, I was reminded of Benefits Coralista: square and flat shaped packaging, tiny shimmers and silky texture- this blush is almost the same but less pink with a hint of orange tones.
I would best describe the color as having a burnt peach or grapefruit color. When looked at from the side with light reflecting off it, you'll see finely milled shimmers that gives it a soft gold sheen. This would be my ideal pick if I where to do a "back from the beach" or bronzed "goddess" look.

The blush is highly pigmented and smooth, not to mention the fact that it doesn't come off too shimmery (yay for not looking like an outdoor disco-ball!). I've only used it once so far but it lasted all day long, giving a peachy flush- without being TOO orange like the name may suggests.

Guava Extended Wear Lipsticks ($22): These slim lipsticks also provide intense hydration; I would say they last a few hours. Now, I'm not a fan of pigmented lipstick during the day but for some reason these aren't that intimidating. I'm thinking it may have to do with the smoothness of them and the fact that they're not drying. They also remove easily without staining or getting all over your skin. 
#55 RED:  A wearable red with no orange or blue undertones.
#34 NUDE: I wouldn't say this is a nude, because I have rather pigmented lips and this one is almost the same shade- actually the color is alot like NYX Natural gloss. I like the fact that it's a peachy nude, not a beige concealer-like one and it would look great paired with a pale pink gloss over (like NYX Smokey Look).
The pricing isn't exactly cheap, but at the same time these do look good on. I guess it really depends if you'd be willing to spend $22 on lipsticks and if the hydration-factor matters. (Most long wearing lipsticks can be drying).

Intense- pigment combines with guava extract, providing a long- lasting, creamy formula with a matte, yet silky finish.

• Guava extract, a powerful antioxidant, fights free radicals and maintains plump, youthful lips
• Proprietary blend of lip-nourishing actives smooths fine lines and hydrates
• Carnauba wax, Beeswax, Shea and Cocoa Butter combine to provide intense pigment that lasts
Mango Butter Lipsticks with SPF 10 ($18):
I prefer these (sheer, hydrating & glossy) lipsticks more- they're right up my alley for daytime wear! I'm a lipbalm and chapstick kinda girl so I love the fact that these are less sticky/shiny then glosses with none of that frosty mess that comes with certain "tinted" balms. The more you layer, the more color pop you get.

I also have the Korres Lip Butter in Mango, which looks very much like #45 CORAL: personally I prefer the Lip butters balms ($10) over these lipsticks because when patted on those look glossier and make my lips look delectable- if I do say so myself. These lipsticks are obviously darker when applied, which doesn't look as natural.  On the other hand, these lipsticks are more hygenic then the balms which require you to dip your fingers into them.
#45 CORAL: a coral bright orange shade (the brightness of the color isn't showing up well in the picture below- but in reality it looks like a sheer orange red). I thought this would be like Mac's Ever Hip lipstick from the Liberty of London collection, but it's actually a redder and brighter coral (even though it's sheer. See my FOTD using this lipstick here.)
#25 NATURAL PURPLE: This one looks like it would be the darkest of the bunch, but it's probably the most natural giving just a hint of sheer red-berry color to the lips. It really depends how much you layer these.

LIPSTICK SWATCHES (Left to right: #55 Red - #34 Nude - #25 Natural Purple - #45 Coral  

I'm actually really surprised by the quality seeing as I haven't alot of bloggers Korres reviewins. I'm also usually a skeptic when it comes to make-up that's made using less chemicals (or even mineral make-up). So these definitely changed my mind, and I can't wait to try more from this brand, specially their foundation.

Have you tried Korres? What are your thoughts on their products and these?


Ria said...

I have tried Korres and love it!You should check out the abyssinia mascara!It's amazing!

Gigi said...

Thanks for the tip! ;) I didn't even remember they have mascara. I was so focused on the face products haha. Will definitly try.

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