11 June 2009

Foolproof tips for perfect eyebrows

I have black eyebrows. So if you're like me, you know things can easily go from pretty to scary and hairy when brows are filled in too much. At the same time, not filling them in may cause them to look straggly and untidy. Brows are one of the most important factors that shape your face and complete make up looks.

So take my advice ladies:
1. What looks hot now may be your cup of tea a few years later.
It's best not to pluck eyebrows too thin, since it may not grow back in certain areas and you may be left with patches of hairless skin. More importantly, make sure not to pluck above the brow line- unless it's stray hairs which are not part of the natural shape.

If you can find a good threader definitely try it out. Most celebrities who are known for their flawless brows use this technique for brow shaping (e.g. Kim Kardashian, Aishwarya Rai)
Need more tips on shaping brows? Check out this detailed video:

2. Use a brow gel.
These can be really inexpensive (you can get some clear mascara for $3 at your local drugstores) or more expensive (Anastasia Brow Gel $21) and help keep brows in place. I haven't felt the need to buy the expensive ones and so far I have no complaints about the budget friendly versions. Lately I've even been trying out a smidgen of hair gel which works out better then any brow wax or gel I've bought so far. Just comb thru with a spooly.

3. Filling in
Brush your eyebrows down. Now you're ready to fill in the empty areas. After that just brush brows back into place and use clear mascara/brow gel- which will blend out harsh lines- and you're done!
I use my Elizabeth Arden eyebrow pencil, which comes with an eyebrow brush attached- I've had the same one for years.
Another alternative to pencils (which can look harsh if done with a heavy hand) are brow shadows and slanted eyebrows brushes to fill them in. Read more here.

4. Use a brow highlighter to highlight the brow bone. This will really make a difference.

5. Before applying make up, applying foundation around the brow area will help give brows a neater and more defined look by camouflaging stray hairs. (I usually skip this step.)

How do you feel about your brows? Or do you not really pay much attention to them and leave them natural?
Do you have any eyebrow related tips? Share them.:)


Join the Gossip said...

I have always had dark black everybrows..even as a blonde child. My granda jokes that when I was born I had such dark brows. I never went too think with mine, but I wish I could lighten them to match my light hair. Unfortunately my brows grow so fast that if I tinted then, they'd look like I had frosted tips haha!

Martina said...

Hey Gigi Nice Tips.. thanks for sharing

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