09 January 2009

Eyebrow fixes


Yes people. Even though I've posted numorous eyebrow tutorials, the whole concept of filling in brows with eyeshadow is a new to me, but I definitly plan to do it more often. Specially since the make up artist in this clip makes it look so simple and you hardly need many make up tools. All you need is some eyeshadow in the desired shade to fill in your brows instead of spending $18 on a compact.

Dual Perfection Brow Shaper & Eyeliner: Fawn S18.00 (Elizabeth Arden)

Hope it helps!:)

1 comment:

Dixie said...

My brows are so sparse,and I hate how fake they look if I use a brow pencil-hopefully this is something that will look more natural for me. Thanks!

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