06 January 2009

Trend: Zebra Prints

My favorite picks with zebra prints: 
Eleh on Chictopia.com I'm now convinced zebra print leggings can look very cool.
Zebra Love Top (Forever 21) $14.80

Just Cavalli Zebra Heart Ring $90.00
Metallic Zebra Pumps $24.80

Lucite Zebra Bangle $5.80
Kelly Osbourne
Not all women feel comfertable wearing animal prints. The key to wearing these bold patterns successfully is to keep the rest of the outfit sedate. Select a single piece of animal printand make it the focus of you're outfit.


MJ. said...

I love how they look on you! I don't think I could wear them though...:)

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

I love that picture of Eleh.

Krystal said...

oh, i looove zebra, well done x

Stefanie Grace said...

Love the zebra print actually! And how good does Kelly O look in that dress! Nice work! x

Join the Gossip said...

I never really got into the whole zebra look, although I do adore it. I am more of a leopard kinda gal ; )

Bombshell Kitten said...

love how you presented the print in such a fun and glamorous manner! I've been more of a leopard print girl myself, too- as you can see from my nails from time to time ;)

think you just inspired me for a new look on them, will link you when I do! much love.


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