02 June 2009

Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara review

What it claims:

Get the extreme lash makeover with Revlon 3D Extreme™ Mascara! It creates dramatic lashes with extreme fullness, curl and length – 25X fuller, 70% curvier and 80% visibly longer lashes. The Exclusive Bold Impact™ Brush is tapered to lift, amplify and separate even the tiniest lashes. The patented lightweight gel formula with intense color pigments delivers a bold lash look in one step – no primer needed! No caking or flaking. Available in 3 shades. Also available in Waterproof.

What it did:
-Think the wand looks like it does on in the picture? Think again.
I was very dissapointed when I opened the package and saw how clumpy the mascara was. It's like they've made the opening way too large for the brush so too much product comes out. You have to really scrape it against the edge of the tube before attempting to use.
I checked for some reviews online and EVERYBODY seems to have a problem with how much product comes out on the wand.

-If I applied 2 coats it became flakey.

-I got it for $12. Much more then I'm used to paying for drug store mascara's.

-They lied about it making lashes "400%" longer.

-A bit hard to remove b/c the formula is very thick and clumpy.

Now ONE reason which kept me from tossing it:
I have long lashes, so to hear me complaining about mascara is VERY rare. This one made my lashes look very curvy and also fuller. It also lenghtened - though not 400% like it claims. I had to go over my lashes with a lash-wand and curler to make my lashes look a bit less like "tarantula lashes".
I don't know if I'd wear this on a night out since I'm afraid of the flaking.

In summary: if you're willing to go thru all the madness for the flirty, curvy lashes, while risking possible raccoon eyes/flaky mascara, it's ok.

I'd give this one 2 out of 5 stars.
Save your money and buy another mascara.

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