20 January 2009

Easy hair style: build volume while you sleep

This is more for those of you with straight/wavy hair who want to add a kick of volume. I'm usually too busy  when I first wake up and have to rush to work/class. So I decided to take a tip from Heidi Klum's stylist and get a red-carpet worthy look... while I sleep!
All you do is spray your hair with volumizing spray before you get some shut eye. Create some braids at your nape, crown and bangs. Flipping hair over adds more volume. Then fasten the braids in a bun at the top of your head.

Come morning: voila! Just shake down your braids and you're set to go. They're also pretty comfy to sleep in.

John Frieda root lifting hair spray for blondes ($7.99)
Sunsilk Daring Volume hairspray ($3.99)

Paul Mitchell volumizing spay ($10.35)

1 comment:

Joanne the whiner said...

ooohhhhh i am giving this a try!! thanks heaps :)))

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