19 January 2009

Get A Natural Face Lift

Need an instant face lift the non-surgical way?

You COULD spend a wad of cash at the beauty counter by purchasing firming creams to tighten your face up. But try this instead.

Step 1:
Crack one egg, remove the yolk and beat the egg white until frothy.

Step 2:
Apply the egg white froth generously to your face and neck and it allow to set for at least twenty minutes. Don't eat or move your face though.

Step 3:
After a few moments, you’ll immediately start to feel the ‘tightening’ effects. Lightly rinse with tepid water when finished.


Alicia/InstantVintage said...

I can definitely vouch for this working!

Dixie said...

This really works and best of all, your pores practically disappear!

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