22 June 2008

Nail Art

Ever since I managed to quit nail biting, I've gotten into nail art. It's opened a whole new world of bright bold colors for me and my nailsI decided to invest in these cute nail gems which only cost me about $8 for 144 stones- from Broadway Nails. You get an assortment of shapes like heart, round, petal and flowers shaped stones as well as glue and a topcoat. I'm quite pleased with the results though I do need to get more creative with the patterns. The good thing is I may even be able to re use them if I take really good care of them.

Here's my how-to guide:
1. Apply a basecoat. I never knew how important this was til recently. It smooths ridges and makes nail polish go on smoother and stay on. If you missed it, here is my recommendation for a budget friendly basecoat.)

2. Apply 1-2 coats of your favorite polish. For more a more detailed explanation on applying nail polish perfectly go here. Make sure you let dry properly between coats. I usually just watch tv or go on the elliptical at home in between coats.

3. Apply the nail glue and (with tweezers apply) nail stones to your nails.

4. Sometimes I use gel pens. Metallic colored pens or even pastel to paint on patterns on nails. I find it easiest to work with patterns which include dots, not lines. Why? It's way too hard painting on lines with my left hand. I invested in a set of metallic gel pens with the colors silver, gold, blue, red, green, and purple.

5. Dab the topcoat- DON'T stroke the brush- onto the painted pattern. Stroking it over the pattern like you would with nail polish will smudge all your hard work. I recommend "Sally Hansen Hard As Nails" (about $2-3 and adds high shine).

6. Allow the dabbed on topcoat to dry then brush over all your nails with proper coating.

Here you can see I stuck a red heart-stone in the top corner and painted on 3 silver dots. Still working on getting more creative.

Here are some patterns you can recreate:

You can try these looks by buying nail stickers, glueing them on with adhesive then applying a top coat. Add stones to jazz up the nail stickers:

One more TIP: I recommend using more of the PASTEL pens, instead of metallic gel ones. For some reason, the metallic ones don't dry much, the pastel ones do! So every time I try doing my nails entirely with metallic red, blue, green, etc it smudges! Try doing a white flower and only a silver center for instance. Or add a stone in the middle instead.
Also, if you can it's always much easier to have a friend paint your left hand for you. That's why I stick with dot patterns: much easier to do with my left hand.


Samantha said...

Hi. Thanks for the post. I have quoted it on my Do-It-Yourself Nail Art post.

Cat said...

Congratulations for kicking the nail-biting habit. I hope you found a positive outlet for stress relief that the nail biting used to serve.

I love your new nails, congratulations! :)

Glamouricious said...

Aww tnx for the compliment Cat! =) Yes, actually haha, I hate to admit but I've been admiring my nails lately. I actually got compliments which was a first. And it's fun being able to paint them in bright colors which draw attention. It's like a whole new world (hope that doesn't sound too over the top lol).
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Cat said...

LOL, no it doesn't sound over the top. It's a cheerful, playful way to feel good about yourself, and admiring the artwork is a good thing. Compliments... see now I heard once, that for each person who tells you they like something, there are 100 who noticed and liked it, but didn't say anything. So you probably have had 101 admirers!

Dreamka said...

Your nails are great. Thanks for useful tips.
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