28 May 2008

Sex And The City Movie Premier

The "Sex and the City" movie premiere was held yesterday in New York City at Radio City Music Hall. The movie opening is so close guys!!! (This weekend!)
The original motion picture soundtrack from the movie is available NOW!
It includes some Fergie, India Arie, Al Green & Joss Stone and even a bit of Jennifer Hudson.

Here are a few pics I found:

One word.. Stunning!! I have to say though that Kristin Davis and Kim Cattralls dress are my faves.. What do you lovelies think?

A bit more of an inside scoop:
Fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker was flooded with more designer paraphernalia then you can even begin to envision. One mysterious fashion house even tried bribing the superstar to wear their label at the premiers — in return for dressing her son for life. Another offered around $4million worth of designer gear. And don’t you dare think they were the only ones.
So you can imagine her co-stars Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon were feeling major dress envy. The Mirror even has an article about the whole dress issue resulting in a spat.. where they even refused to share limo's. Meee-ow!
Check out all the pics here!


J E Z said...

if im the designer, i might do the same. give her all the credits, all the favors....

sex and the city is the talk of the town and i would like my designs to be in one of the lovely ladies.....well, that is if im a designer

Glamouricious said...

Yea I agree! I can imagine that these dresses even as we speak being posted all over the place!

And I even have a feeling there will be very big lines for the movie itself. Kinda cool.. B/c it reminds me of Star wars or one of those other big movies haha. People really go all out with it.

Which is your fave dress?

Glamouricious said...
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