31 May 2008

Sex And The City: The Handbags

Image source: timmywoods.com
Well  I know you SATC-addicts are still shaking in your Manolo Blahniks after seeing the SATC movie.

One of the trends getting a lot of interest are the handbag(s) showcased in the movie.

Pour your Cosmos girls because I bring to you once again the adorable and trés chic Eiffel Tower bag by Timmy Woods which is selling for $450. And hey, if you ever get fed up of it, use it as an ornament. (Hint for those of you looking to buy it: I saw on a few sites available for a bit less).

The version shown in the movie is the Swarovski version as I'm sure you may have seen and it's available for a whopping $3000, incrusted with over 6300 crystals to be exact. I think it’s pretty reasonable if you compare it to the other designer bags being sold though.

I predict that this trend has started another explosive trend: handbags in the shape of objects, for instance the Marylin Monroe Phone and The Lips Purse seen here- both by Timmy Woods.

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