17 April 2008

Online Shopping Review: Forever 21

Just finished placing an order online at Forever21.com
They have such cute blouses for low prices and ... so uh... I went kuh-rayzee. The only downside to the site is that their stuff gets sold out so quickly and doesn't come back in stock. About 5-6 really nice blouses got sold out before I could get my hands on them.

Overall I was very happy with my order. Alot of the tops where rayon which can look a bit see thru (specially white tops). Their blouses are usually $5-$25.
I also ended buying jeans from them which aren't bad at all (prices of their jeans range from $13-$30). Just make sure to get jeans made of at least 2% elastane if you want some stretch.

Their jewelry is also really cheaply priced and will give you alot of use so that's definitely something I'd recommend to anyone when ordering from them.
I can't say anything negative about the site, and when you order more then $75 you get free shipping.

Their dresses sometimes seem to run short so if you're a tall girl you may want to pay extra attention to the measurements. I'm 5'3 and any "dress" under 32 inches looks more like a tunic top on me.

As for their sweaters and cardigans, they can be a bit thin. I'd advise getting cardigans from other places like H&M to be honest.
It's a great place to shop for trendy pieces you'll probably only be wearing 1 or 2 seasons, but you can also get your hands on some super cheap basics and essentials (leggings, plain v neck tops, tank tops, etc)

What's you're experience with ordering from this site?

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