19 March 2011

Men: Choosing The Perfect Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are one of those pieces that will never go out of fashion, even though they made their mark over 50 years ago being worn by iconic musicians, actors and models. They key is choosing the right fit that will last you for years to come.

It may seem like a no brainer when it comes to buying jackets and clothes, but it's usually best to put some thought into it before buying an investment piece like this. For  instance: do you see yourself wearing a black motorcycle jacket or a sleek modern style?

First you'll need to decide what color you prefer. If you want something that matches many outfits and will last you for years to come, it goes without saying that neutral colors are the way to go:
  • Brown leather jackets look more vintage and casual, which is great if you consider yourself a guy with a laid-back style. They also look good paired with jeans.
  • Black leather jackets can dress up business attire, but they can also lend a rugged touch to jeans or casual pants.

Still not sure? Choose a color based on the majority of your wardrobe:
  • if you wear predominantly bright colors or white and black, buy a black leather jacket; 
  • for warmer, earthy tones, choose a brown leather jacket.

You can buy a jacket in any shape, size or style or lenght. To make your choice a little easier to make, the three most popular cuts are are explained below:

  • Distressed style: these are designed to look like they have been well used. Though style isn't considered modern, it's highly unlikely to ever be considered out of style.
  • Motocross jacket: this style is designed to have a tight fit and would probably look best on a small to medium frame.
  • Bomber jacket: this has remained the most popular style when it comes to leather jackets. They have a roomier fit in the chest area and are fitted to the waist, making them ideal for lean men with broad shoulders.

If you're going for a modern feel modern you'll want a sleek and fitted look:
  1. The jacket should end no higher then the top of your pants hitting about an inch below that.
  2. The sleeves should end at your wrist. Going over your palm is allowed but it has to be less than half an inch.
  3. The jacket should sit snug on the shoulders and the shoulder seam should begin at the end of your arm. Too far out, and you'll look like you're playing football. Too far in and it'll look like you're wearing a jacket that is too small.
  4. The jacket should be fitted without excess material around the stomach or chest. It shouldn't bubble out if you sit in a chair. And if you bend over and it shows some of your shirt, that's ok.
  5. It's important to pay attention to details like the collar: the bigger it is, the shorter it will make you appear.

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