21 March 2011

Going On: Huge Hautelook Rock & Republic Make-up Sale

Last time Hautelook had a Rock & Republic sale, they went crazy with the prices. $48 items where selling for $10 and eyeshadows where only $6-8!! The brand is known for their super cute, or should I say "edgy" packaging and high quality make-up. 

Todays sale isn't any different. If you're a make-up junkie or just looking to to expand your collection, get thee to the sale NOW... It ends Wednesday (in 2 days) and items sell quick. 
International shipping is possible. 


Kristyn said...

Never tried this brand before is it any good? Have you personally tried it

MyFashionAddictions said...

Hi Kristyn,

No I haven't tried it myself though I am really dying to! I specially want the glosses. I've heard alot of good things about this brand from other bloggers and friends who use it too. Not to mention the packaging is really really nice. (I know for some ppl the package doesn't matter.)

For the original price these retail for I they better be good lol!
The shadows alone are usually over $25 each as well as the glosses.

Kristyn said...

Thank you for the feedback I will have to try it then!

MyFashionAddictions said...

You're very welcome! :) If u try this brand let me know what u thought of it. Xx

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