12 January 2011

Russel Brand Tweets Picture Of Katy Perry Without Makeup

Ohhh boyyy! A few days back, Russell Brand posted this awwwwful picture of  wife Katy Perry on Twitter only to instantly remove it. At least he realized what a stupid move it was, but seeing how the internet is moving so fast, it was too late. A bunch of websites captured the picture after he posted it.

What was he thinking? And what's up with the funny face?

On the plus side:
A. at least us in the real world get a glimpse of gorgeous celebrities without their make-up. And scary expression aside, Katy doesn't look too bad.
B. it makes me love make-up and the wonders it does even more ...

1 comment:

Toni Tralala said...

WOW... The wonders of makeup! She has an amazing makeup artist at that! I barely recognized her!

We gotta admit though, she has an amazing complexion!

Was Russel Brand intoxicated when he did that!? Katy must've raised hell. :))

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