12 January 2011

Behind Scenes Glamour Magazine Interview With Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian shared extra tips about her hair and other personal questions during her Glamour magazine shoot.

Check it out below.


What makes Kim Kardashian feel sexy?
"When I have full hair and make up, I feel sexiest. I love getting glammed up, like when I have big Victoria Secret hair and a full face of make-up. I try to stay awake as long as possible before I wash it off at the end of the night."

What do she wish guys knew about women?
"We (women) are so easy to please. Just give us attention and we will be happy. (Laughs.)"

What will Kim Kardashian never leave home without?
"I will never leave the house without concealer. I have dark under eye circles and I always put on concealer no matter what. Even if I have no make-up, that's the one thing I love to cover up."

What is Kim Kardashians secret for shiny hair?
"I don't wash my hair every day. I think it's really important to make sure your hair has its natural oils in it and not overprocess or damage it. And then I use a shine spray."

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