17 October 2010

Hot Fall Trend: Over The Knee Boots

Gahhh! Unfortunately I don't live anywhere where the seasons change or NYC, so I don't get to look forward enjoying Fall/Winter, and more specifiably all the fashions it brings along with it.

Even though I'd look silly wearing boots somewhere during tropical climates, I'm madly in love with leathery looking (cuffed of slouchy) over the knee boots. I blame the Kardashians for looking so freakin cute in them.

There's so many ways to style them, you can get one pair and just wear them all season long! Thigh high boots where in fashion last autumn too, but this year their slightly chunkier, which is great if you want to be able to walk all day in them or avoid slip and falls during the winter months:

Sexy and classy with thigh bearing dress

Feminine and posh with a coat

Edgy with distressed skinnies and leather jacket

Casual yet trendy with a scarf and jeans

With a cropped blazer and jeggings


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I'm usually not a fan of over the knee boots but I really like the first pair! Kim always looks great though. I have a jacket that looks almost the same as her navy one. Love it.

And I am totally bummed that we don't get a real fall where I live either :(

Jumelle Makeup Artistry said...

Kim is such a doll!

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