20 August 2010

Primark Complete Fall/Winter Lookbook

Primark's released their Autumn/Winter collection a few weeks back and will be available in stores during September 2010. 

They've seriously stepped up their game and seem to be right on trend from Military, Nudes, Lace-Up and Suede boots, Faux fur to Studs, Faux leather, Jumpsuits... Gah, I could go on forever.

Then I saw the khaki peep-toe boots and bags collection... If going crazy over Primark pieces this season is wrong, I don't wanna be right. 

Images courtesty of Primark


Budget Chic said...

Wow, I love that navy cape and the fur vest, can you order on-line from Primark? Do they take U.S. orders?

Gigi said...

Sadly no :( They don't offer online shopping.
I think they only have a few locations in Europe (Netherlands and UK I'm certain of).

Kye said...

Wow I love everything from jackets to gloves form shoes to accessories!

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