25 August 2010

Konad: Sea Blue Siren

Here's an aqua blue KOTD I tried out. This was my first time trying out the M21 nail plate. The paint splat nail design is the whole reason I ordered this plate, but sadly I'm on the fence about it the end results.

What do you think?

Using: Konad M21 Plate, Wet N Wild White Creme Nail Polish, LA Colors in Sea Siren (one coat)

Mini review: I found this LA Colors Color Craze nail polish for only $1.50 (though you could probably get it cheaper) and was excited to run out to buy more. After using it more then once I realised that the consistency is way too thick. I like that it gives full coverage in just one coat and is so cheap, but dislike how difficult it is to remove/clean-up ---> mildly left my nails stained blue even though I only had it on for less then an hour.
That beign said, these polishes make horrible all over nail colors, but are perfect for Konad Nail Stamping.


Rebecca - Shrugs said...

Good stuff! I continue to enjoy reading these posts.

Gigi said...

Thanks Rebecca! That means alot :)

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