23 August 2010

Favorite Make Up Primer: Proactive Daily Oil Control

For many of you summer is just ending. Now I can't really complain about living where the weather is warm and sunny year round, but you can imagine what a gross oil slick my face must resemble by the end of the day, and that's not counting my make-up also melting off.

If you've read my blog posts about acne you may know I used Proactive (5-6 years back) which greatly helped clear up my skin. (I have to add that during the past years alot of people have commented that their products are too strong or didn't help. Maybe they've changed the formula, or it could just be that everyone has different skin types- but that's a whole other topic.)

Back when I bought my kit it came with the Proactive Daily Oil Control Gel. I used it on and off and found it to help. But over the years, as I became more beauty-obsessed I tried it under my make-up one day and voila! It seemed like I'd found my holy grail face primer sitting in my bathroom. A quick google search and the results and reviews I read seemed to confirm my speculation.
Price: $26 (On Amazon.com)

-Personally I like the fragrance. It's light and fresh.
-A little goes a long way. I only use a dime size drop for my entire face- and I still haven't managed to finish my first tube, I think this will probably last me over a year. You never want to apply too much of ANY primer, as it can have the opposite desired effect.
-I feel like it provides somewhat of a protective barrier between my make-up and skin, specially when I apply an oil-free moisturizer over it. (Yep I also use Proactive Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 15 and LOVE it. If you have oily, acne prone skin definitely check it out.)

-Not exactly cheap- yet still cheaper then Smashbox Photofinish and other facial primers.
-Alot of people complain this dries their skin during the winter months.
-Doesn't work that great on it's own. I find it to work best under make-up, thus a primer. Using pressed powder or other oil absorbing make-up probably are what makes this product more affective.

Rating: 9/10

Would I repurchase: Well, I have an extra tube seeing as it lasts so long. So... I probably won't repurchase, and the inner beauty junkie in me wants to go out and find other great face primers. I'm dying to try the L'oreal Studio Secrets Face Primer which everyone seems to be raving about.

(Disclaimer: All products purchased with my own money.)


Becky said...

I'd never heard about this product, I'll take a look to it! I'm looking for a new primer, so I'll add this to my list (^_^)


Gigi said...

Great. :) I recommend it, but I don't know how much better then the usual Smashbox, Urban Decay, etc primers it is. For me this works perfect though. Even for nights out.:)

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