09 June 2010

Review: Coastal Scents Camo Quads

One of them was the Coastal Scents camo quad palettes (in Medium), which I think of more as 1 base, 1 correcting color and 2 concealer shades.
I usually have pretty dark under eye circles, which never seem to go away even if I've had 12 hrs of sleep. So after seeing all the hype, I had to try it for myself.  Here's my review, description and tips for using the product.
  • PRO: Very cheap. Costs about $7-8 only and you get 4 shades.
The lightest shade (white): the color and consistency of this shade remind me of the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk so I use it for the same purpose like highlighting/lightening my brown bone or an eyeshadow base. It doesn't get alot of use from me though.
2nd and 3rd medium shades: The 2nd lightest shade is wayyyy too light on my tan skin, but to avoid wasting product, sometimes I'll use some under my eyes and then even it out with the darkest shade.
Darkest shade: I used to think this was a concealer but later realised it's more of a peach dark shade, thus a corrector for greyish under eye circles.

  • PRO: Comes with 3 skin toned shades so you can pick which best suites your skin tone.
CON: The consistency is very very thick and creamy, which gives heavy coverage, but at the same time it looks horrible if you have dry skin. So I recommend it for the eye area only, and in emergencies on the face (e.g. a zit or scar that is very noticable and needs quick coverage).

*most importantly, use a very light hand (my #1 recommendation is to use a tiny concealer brush) so as not to get a cakey effect, specially around the under eye area. Then you need to wait a minute and blend out any concealer that has settled into fine lines (under eyes).
*Apply an eye cream first. When it mixes with the eye cream it just glides on and looks much better.

8 out of 10 stars.

I've gotten other cheap drugstore brands in the past which gave me NO coverage. But this concealer has delivered better results then I expected.
Is it the best concealer out there? For the price... YES. I like the amount of coverage.
If you're looking for light coverage this may be too cakey for you.

The thickness and creamyness is a plus, but at the same time I worry that it may clog my pores and cause more breakouts, so I make sure I take off all my make up as soon as I get home.

Would I re-purchase?
It's greay if you don't want to spend alot of heavy coverage eye concealers or want a back up for your make up kit.  Personally, I'm thinking of just splurging on more expensive concealers to avoid the hassle and worry of this looking cakey or not lasting long.

Note: all items where purchased with my own money and I received no compensation for this review.

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