28 May 2010

Summer dress trends

The other day I got an email from a reader asking me what some key items for summer are. As you know summer is a time for the layers to come off and our (faux?) tans to be shown.
Short denim skirts and shorts, airy dresses, full lenght maxi dresses and A-line skirts are just a few hot trends that spring to mind.
Here are my top picks for summer dresses (for UK readers), which would look good on almost all body types:
£19.99 (also available in a peachy coral)
I love this loose/airy type of dress which would look great with a pair on sandals or even for a night out paired with some booty heels.

What more can you ask for: a maxi dress, in bright neon colors that still mesh really well together.
For those of you shorter gals like myself, who fear you can't pull of a long maxi dress, there's always the alternative of trimming it a few inches to the desired lenght or even getting it tailored.
Maxi dresses are great for casual days by the beach, brunching and even nights out (paired with the right accesories).

I liked this dress because of the pinky/peachy/nude coloring which have really gotten alot of attention lately. It's casual and bandeau cut tops/dresses and bikini's are all very trendy at the moment.
This would work great for ladies with any excess weight around your lower body areas.
I think this would look great with a pair of  tan-brown sandals or heels.


Rubinha said...

I love the stripe heart floral dress! :) it's just cute ^^

Adri said...

I love the stripe heart floral dress! :) I need to move to the UK... lol

edk.dolce said...

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Global Shoppe said...

the designs. they are so nice and fashionable. :)

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