03 March 2010

Bargain Find: Jordana Basecoats

I did a post 2 years ago about my favorite budget friendly find: Wet N Wild base coat. It was great and only a buck. I never spend alot on basecoats- on topcoats Yes!
Whether you buy expensive or inexpensive basecoats, they're a must because they protect your nails and help manicures last longer.

Lately I've found another better brand that I've been blogging about: Jordana Cosmetics. I'm really drawn to their nail polishes and treatments -due to the polish formulas and packaging- and have grown to dislike Wet N Wild polishes after trying these. The brush allows for easier and smoother application since it's not too thin.

The basecoat I got is called Jordana Calcium Boost Basecoat with Calcium Gel. It leaves nails shiny and seems to actually strenghten my weak nails. Love it. Oh and did I mention it only cost $2?

I'll be doing swatches of these soon...
(I did a review for the last one on the right here - called Red Of Hearts)

What's your all time favorite basecoat?

[All these products where bought by me, and this is my 100% honest review.]

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