12 January 2010

Reviews: NYC Mosaic Color Wheel and NYX Peach Blush

I got this blush about a month back and wasn't too pleased with it at first. It was cheap ($5 or less), packaging was simple with a see thru lid.
On the plus side you get a ton of product in it that'll last you for months. It's also oil absorbing which is great for reducing shine and oily skin.

The old me used to shy away from mosaic patterned make up thinking it would give uneven color- but I'm actually a really huge fan of them now after trying this. This blush comes with a mix of ligth brown, barely pink, pink and a darker pink.

I expected it to be darker, and was dissapointed at first since it wasn't showing up on my medium toned skin. It has a light frost (nothing dramatic so don't worry!) So I left it at the bottom of my make up bag.

Today I tried a new combination: this NYC mosaic blush along with my NYX blush in Peach. 

  • The NYC blush truly lives up to it's name and gives you a pink, dewy glow- nothing too over the top - just natural looking rosey cheeks and it's buildable. It's now my Holy Grail drugstore blush!

  • NYX blush in Peach also didn't get much love from me at first, since I find it to be chalky and too light on my skin. Seriously, when you dip your brush in it, a lot of powder seems to come off.

I used a swipe of each together then blended with a powder brush. When I was outside and in natural lighting, I realised how dewy and natural my blush looked.

I'll definitly be repurchasing the NYC Mosaic blush again. I wouldn't mind the other peach version of it too!

Here's a picture I managed to snap up of me wearing the NYC blush recently:

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