04 January 2010

Make Those Brown Eyes Pop!

Make your eyes stand out with this colorful eyeshadow tutorial.

The best eyeshadow colors for making brown eyes standout are those that are opposite of brown on the color wheel :

  • purple
  • teal
  • green
  • silvers.

More makeup tips for brown eyed girls:
  • If your eyes are hazel instead of deep brown, make them look almost green by wearing green eyeshadow
  • Stay away from yellow eyeshadow as it brings out the yellow in some brown eyes
  • Applying blue eyeliner in the waterline adds nice contrast to the eyes and makes the whites of your eyes even brighter
  • Some brown eyed babes can wear pink eyeshadows, but the deeper or brighter pinks are a bit more flattering.
  • Since many brown eyed babes also have brown or black hair, wearing brown eyeshadow can be too drab against the face. If you must wear brown eyeshadow, play up the lips with a brighter color.

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