07 July 2008

New spinning and vibrating mascara's

Mascaras seem to be all the buzz (literally!) with the invention of the new spinning mascara. There was big hype when the Spinlash was released some time back. From what I read the reviews were pretty mixed: the critics seem to either love or hate it.
Now brands like Lancôme, Estée Lauder and L'Oreal are all trying to get in on the hype by launching their own spinning and vibrating versions soon!

"The cosmetics giant is set to release TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara, which the brand is touting as the world’s first battery-operated, vibrating, all-effects mascara. It will be launched on July 17 as a Saks Fifth Avenue exclusive. “There is a relationship between vibration, length, volume, separation and curl,” said Elana Drell-Szyfer, senior vice president of global marketing for Estée Lauder. “Together, they deliver an unbelievably enhanced first to market product, which we feel is revolutionary.” — WWD

As for the vibrating technique (not to be mistaken with spinning), this mascara wand gently vibrates allowing for more grasp of the lashes as well as more coverage per lash... sort of similar to when you apply your mascara and gently wiggle your hand from left to right. The word is that the Turbo Lash operates with a gel formula composed of olive oil, paraffin waxes, jellied water that solidifies instantly after application. Not only will all this help coat the lashes better but it will also help separate better and prevent clumps. I can't wait to try these out, even though I am scared to bring anything which spins, vibrates or for that matter MOVES near my eyes. Anywho, Turbolash will be available at Saks 5th Avenue on July 17 for a price of $30!

"Lancôme’s Oscillation mascara also is billed as
revolutionary by company executives, thanks to its brush that (as the product name suggests) oscillates. Jean-Louis Guéret, creator of mascara brushes for Lancôme, said he came up with the idea for Oscillation after watching makeup artists at work. While applying mascara, their hands move in a zigzag pattern. So to best emulate the movement, Guéret explained, he conceived a flexible, polymer-based mascara brush that vibrates along its longitude at 7,000 micro-oscillations a second. Getting the battery-powered movement started takes simply pressing lightly on an area of the mascara’s outer tube, which turns on a 3-centimeter motor. Guéret said that, as the mascara brush vibrates against eyelashes, they become “organized” and evenly coated with a mascara formula conceived with ultrafine particles specifically for the product, which also extends, curls, shapes and makes lashes seem thicker. He claims Oscillation’s Ultrafine Dispersion technology allows mascara to glide easily onto lashes and for rapid application. — WWD.
I've always seemed to fall in love with Lancôme mascaras, and judging from other reviews, I'm definitely not alone. Don't ask me how, maybe it's their formulas which are so amazing. Unlike the Estée Lauder TurboLash above, this mascara actually, similar to the Spinlash, so not only do you get the precise vibrations but you also get a rotating wand to ensure that you get your lashes precisely coated giving longer-, thicker-looking, perfect eyelashes. So I'm very excited!!

Danish consumers will be paying 360 Kroner for this long anticipated mascara from Lancome when it releases in November. (In case you didn't know that translates to an estimated US$75.00!!) While it's uncertain what the price will be in other countries and the US, it makes me wonder if the results are even that much diffrent from traditional mascara's. Either way.. it sounds great and I'd love to try it out (perhaps just at the beauty counter- for free- to begin with haha).

So what are your thoughts on these new technological advances in make up and mascara's? Will you be switching or just sticking to the traditional mascara's? And do you think these will take over making "manual" mascara application a think of the past?


Ash1314 said...

Interesting- I think I will stick to my $10 mascara and "wiggling"...seems a bit of a rip off- I def won;t be running to Saks...not that we even have one inn Canada! But we do have Holts.. :)

Joanne the whiner said...

hey have u tried marjolica mascara? it does wonders to ur lashes. most of my gfs use it and when we go to japan, we clean the shop's stock of marjolica. I tried lancome and it is still in my drawer, dont really do magic to my lashes like marjolica :)

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