07 July 2008

Forrest Griffin Tee From Extreme Couture

This weekend I actually went to a sports bar and watched a UFC (ultimate fighting championship) event.. I still have no idea who is who is the UFC world, but it was entertaining.

Newho, in light of the whole UFC theme I decided to do a post on menswear.

Guys get to be in fashion and celebrate the victory of Forest Griffin, Ultimate Fighter, and new UFC Light Heavy Weight Champion, with his Xtreme Couture signature shirt. This white tee features oversized graphics of a winged skull with a military helmet and sword crossbones. The banner reads “seek and destroy”. Forrest Griffin winged logo on back right shoulder.
Get it now while they still last at Flyclothing ($34)


CoutureCarrie said...

totally rock'n'roll!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

I watched the UFC too, haha ...and I really like that tee,like couturecarrie said, it's really rock'n'roll

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Hey about nat's hair
I didn't know if you knew, but she had shaved it off for her movie V for vendetta a while back.

Glamouricious said...

@ Jen: ooooh! yes now I remember. I didnt see the movie but i remember hearing something about that.

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