16 July 2008

Bright Neon Wayfarers

Last summer, sunglasses were all about serious glamour: oversized, superflattering, chic black shades, even embellished with stones.
But this year the look is more quirky instead of Hollywood chic. Ray Ban's classic design in black have been replaced by crayon/neon colours and it seems like the styles are still sticking around.

Case in point: sometime back, Scarlett Johanson was pictured in NME wearing blue Wayfarers, while Sienna Miller was pictured accessorising a vintage frock with a pair of red and blue Wayfarers. Anne Hathaway recently chose an acid-pink mirrored pair to give a jolt of colour monotone outfit, while Rachel Bilson wears giant Wayfarers in zingy apple green.

Lauren Conrad sportin' navy blue wayfarers (on Mahalo Fashion)... and now I want a pair too! They'd definitely go well with my dozen blue jeans.

If you don't want to drop a ton of money on a trend that may be gone in a few months. I spotted a few on Fred Flare for only $10 and they come in red, blue, green, purple, black, clear, orange and more! You can check out Amazon.com for other cheap pairs if you don't own a pair already.

Below: Kate Perry (the girl whose closet we'd all love to own)



I have been looking for those shades...like your site will stop by more often..

Crave said...

ooh, I dig the red ones!
and yes, cool site!

Leeann said...

My friend has a pair in black and they look so cute. I always have trouble with glasses though...not sure if they'd look good on me. Love the dark blue pair that Lauren's wearing!

Glamouricious said...

thank u for the comments :)

Lianne Camille said...

I'm definitely not a fan of colorful wafers. I think they accent the face way too much and some people can't pull that look off!

Toni Alexis said...

Great colors in that second pic! I like your blog!


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