01 June 2008

Trista and Ryan: Return to reality?

Trista and Ryan Sutter where personally always my fave couple- seeing as they are the only ones to actually get married and STAY that way after meeting on the TV show "The Bachelor". Ryan was also the cutest contestants so far in my opinion. The cute couple fell in love in the first season of The Bachelorette in 2003, and now they’re returning to reality TV!
The couple, who have an 11 yr old son (Max), have been meeting with Martha Stewart to collaborate on a new series, LIFE & STYLE WEEKLY reports. “The details are still being hashed out, but it has to do with fixing up houses,” says an insider.
The show isn’t the only thing they're working on. At Modern Bride’s trendsetters awards dinner in NYC on May 13, Trista, 35, told Life & Style that she and Ryan, 33, are trying to have another child. “It took us two years to get pregnant with Max,” she said. “It’s okay if it takes us that long again, but we’d rather have them closer in age. We’ll see!”

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