01 June 2008

Cover Girl Exact Liner Review

During my usual drugstore run I decided to pick up a new liquid liner which caught my eye.

What it claims:
"Compact, easy to hold high precision liquid eyeliner pen has a smudgeproof, fast-drying formula that glides on to create fine or bold lines without fuss, for looks that last all day."


Easy to hold: Check!
Compact: Check Check!
Fast drying? Uhm.. That was my issue. The liner dried up pretty fast even when it wasn't being used so I couldn't get decent use out of it.
It worked fine the first few times but:
1. I had to keep going over it a few times to get it to actually show up. It's not great if you want a dramatic black line.
2. Due to me having to go over with it so many times, my line looked kind of uneven.
3. It wasn't smudgeproof.

Let's just say I'm on the lookout for a new liner because this ones in the trash.


Leeann said...

Good to know...I will definately avoid that liner. Thanks for the honest recap of the product, it's nice to have the truth =)

Anonymous said...

Personally, I stay away from Cover Girl products. Foundations and blushes give me a bad reaction even though no other brands do. Most Cover Girl products seem to be kind of unreliable and sorta crappy... Sorry you bought that :/

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