09 June 2008

How To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

I got an email from a reader, asking if I had any beauty tips for smaller eyes.

My eyes are very small. Are there any tips to make them stand out more?

  • Eyeliner is like a "magic wand" when it comes to creating the illusion of bigger, expressive eyes. Line the entire top lash line, extending the line slightly at the corners. 
  • If you want to line your waterline with a dark color, only do this on the outer third and extend it slightly past the edge. Dark, smokey eyes are a big no-no! A soft look will open your eyes more than harsh dark lining.
  • You can also use a white pencil on the waterline to make eyes appear bigger.

Lashes can also be a great eye-opener. Check out my post for creating movie star lashes.

Contrary to popular belief dramatic eyeshadow looks won't make your eyes look bigger. In fact, it does just the opposite. If you have small eyes, keep it simple by using only light-colored shadows. Brush a subtle base color from lash to brow, and then use a slightly darker shade to create subtle definition in the crease.

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