08 June 2008

NYC Times Square Tangerine Creme Nail Polish Swatch + Review

Recently I've been doing bright neon nails and couldn't resist picking up a bottle or Times Square Tangerine Creme nailpolish from NYC. (#112A).

I love the color. It looked even better on my toenails and it's so cheap too ($1.50). The color reminded me a bit of those orange traffic cones.

The downside??
It took me 3-4 coats to get it the color it's supposed to be and also to get full coverage. I hate unevennes.

Would I buy it again? For cheap nail polishes, I'm liking Wet N Wild Shine a bit better then this (though I haven't given other colors from NYC a shot; I'm open to it if the right color comes along haha). I bought the Wet N Wild "Dreamy Poppy" neon pink and that one went on so easily, and lasted too (with a proper topcoat).

The results:
price: 5 out of 5
performance: 2 out of 5

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