23 June 2008

How To Get Super Straight Hair

Smooth, pin-straight hair begins with blow-drying strands.

1. After detangling your damp hair, apply a heat-protecting product from roots to ends, then separate your hair into several sections (the thicker and curlier the hair, the smaller the sections should be).
I just bought a heat-protecting product: V05 new! Miracle Mist which can be used with flat irons OR blow dryers and basically you just spray it on from the bottle.

2. Clip up the top and middle sections, and add a concentrator nozzle to the dryer.

3. Blow-dry one small section of the bottom layer at a time, beginning at the roots, working toward the ends, and gripping each section firmly with a good paddle or round brush. It’s important to get the roots, keep the tension consistent, and keep the nozzle pointed downward to avoid frizzy and static hair.

4. After the underside is dry, use the same technique for the middle and finally the top layers. At this point, you can flatiron your hair for an even straighter look, again working in small sections and keeping the iron moving to reduce the risk of damage.

After a few practice runs, you’ll be finishing like the pros!

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