13 November 2010

3 Heat Defense Sprays Compared

If you use a dryer or flat iron your hair is exposed to alot of damaging factors. It's always best to protect it as much as you can. I've used 3 different (budget friendly or "drugstore") heat protecting products on my hair and decided to do a comparative review:
  • Herbal Essence Dangerously Straight ($4-5)
  • Alberto Vo5 Heat Protect Styling Spray ($4-5)
  • Toni & Guy Iron-It Heat Defence Spray ($10.50)

Herbal Essence Dangerously Straight Heat Spray weighed down my hair extremely and left it sticky. It smelled good, but that's about it. I didn't use the whole bottle and eventually just threw the rest out - so you can get a good idea how much I disliked it.

I like design of this Alberto V05 bottle though, because it reminds me a bit of window cleaning sprays- kinda fun. The fragrance of V05 was also fresh, without smelling too strong. It's an alcohol free formula which also contains 5 vitamins and a UV filter.
Though I found it better then Herbal Essences heat protecting spray it still left my hair weighed down and slightly sticky.

You guessed it, my favorite is the Toni & Guy Iron-It Heat Defense spray, even though it costs double- I got it on sale when I was in London (at Boots). Though my hair needs to be washed 2 days after I use it, I still feel this product leaves my hair feeling the least sticky of the 3. It also leaves my hair straighter and less wavy before I even use my flat iron, without weighing my hair down one bit.
I bought it together with the finishing shine spray which I rarely use.

What's your favorite heat protecting hair product?

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