31 May 2011

Sigma Make-up Brand New Cleansing And Polishing Tool

I was so excited  when I read about the release of the new Sigma face cleanser, since I've been dying to try out the Clairisonic, but can't convince myself to pay the high price. Sigma Makeup has designed and today released their version of the Clarisonic Cleansing System at a fraction of the price!

Clarisonic's versions costs anywhere from $150 to $225 on the Sephora website. Sigma's only costs $39, which is something I'd have no problem spending.

The main difference between the Clairisonic vs Sigma cleanser is the head on the brush which spins/rotates while the head on the Clarisonic simply vibrates. The Sigma cleanser also comes with three interchangeable brush heads (soft, medium, and firm) and has it's own travel/storage case. It also works at two speeds, normal and high.

To view more pictures and a video demonstration of The Cleansing and Polishing Tool at work, check this out.

Today is the last day to use their coupon code for the month of May.
coupon code: LUCK2011 to get 10% off of your total order! :)

I hope this helps anyone who's interested or anyone who was looking for a cheaper alternative to the Clarisonic system. :)

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