10 May 2011

Expert Extreme Couponing Tips Minus The Clipping

We've all heard of coupon snipping for groceries... (did you watch Wednesday’s Extreme Couponing on TLC and do you remember the couponing champion that bought hundreds of dollars of groceries and made money instead?), but is it possible to really shop ‘til you drop without any of the guilt at our favorite department store instead -- BEFORE that gorgeous Spring-ready dress is sold-out?

Chrissy Volk, wardrobe consultant for Adahlia Volk, says YES!

Here are her tips on couponing 2.0 - with just your cell phone and a little creativity.

COUPONING CHIC 2.0: Savvy Fashionable Discounts Right From Your Laptop and Phone

It can be easy to save big – even if your favorite store isn’t on clearance yet! Chrissy Volk shares her favorite tips (used with her clients!) to shop Diane von Furstenberg sans credit card debt. You can now enjoy your favorite pieces, before they are out of season!

First things first...


  1. GET APP-Y: The CouponClipper and Deals apps shows you deals that are going on around you - load it up post-mall arrival! http://clippermagazine.com/iPhone/
  2. NO CLIPPING REQUIRED: Did know that you can bring your smart phone and your cashier can scan the barcode for the promotion/coupon right from your phone. Try the Coupon Sherpa app which lists over 120 retailers -- you just click, scan and save! Download your favorite store's app as well - many times they offer scanable coupons direct from their platform! http://www.couponsherpa.com/mobile-coupons/
  3. CLIP... ERRR CLICK AND COMPARE!: Download any number of price comparison apps – Chrissy likes Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner and TheFind, which scans the item’s SKU number and price compares with other retailers, so you can find the best deal. http://shopsavvy.mobi/ and http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shopping-by-the-find/id397038993?mt=8
  4. BE SOCIAL: “Like” your favorite stores on Facebook – the same goes for Twitter followers as well. GAP and Macy's among others, may offer special sales for those that are loyal fans.
  5. PRINT AND GO: Like the feel of a 30% off coupon between your fingers? There are websites that allow you print coupons and use them for in-store savings. For example, couponcabin.com will allow you print current coupons for Target, Payless, the Limited, etc. FlamingoWorld.com is similar and features relevant coupons that are being offered at specific retailers.

  1. DON'T SAY NO TO OFFERING HOME ADDRESS: Next time you’re in the store - don’t say no to offering your email and home address. Many retailers still send out coupons in the mail. Some stores even send 20% off coupons on a weekly basis, i.e. Lord and Taylor.
  2. GETTING A COUPON TODAY? TABLE THAT BIG PURCHASE FOR A WEEK: A common practice for retailers is handing out coupons valid for a future date. After a purchase is made, the sales person will hand out coupons that can be used towards a future purchase. These are great to keep handy if you plan on shopping at the same store in the near future, as the discounts are normally pretty significant. Why not ask if they are offering a coupon with a certain purchase price – might make sense to make a smaller purchase today and return to buy that dress or suit a week from now!

Prepare to save...
Chrissy recommends a fun pouch, envelope or a printed mesh/organza bag (always fashionable!) that is offered free after a gift card or jewelry purchase has been made, to stay organized or...

COUPON ORGANIZING 2.0: Download the MyCoupons app for a free way to organize your deals - you also get alerts when you're creeping up on expiration date! http://www.mycoupons.com/coupons/myappbuilder.com


TEA aka MonsterGirl said...

Wow awesome post girl!! I had been watching extreme couponng for a little while and been goggling everything to find coupons.. I will for sure try what you have suggested. Very helpful :)

Stephania Andrade said...

so convenient! I'll definitely have to try these out. Thanks for the tips.

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