13 April 2011

Wedding Attire: Coordinating The Bridesmaids Dresses

Weddings are such a wonderful occasion, bringing up emotions of hope, happiness and new journeys. Planning them however...is a whole other story. Most girls have their wedding envisioned before they've attended their first prom, with ideas for the theme, dress (!), setting and honeymoon.

However, sorting out the bridesmaids dresses can be trickier, because everyone has their own opinions and differ in shape, size and height. A good compromise is to choose a color and material and let your bridesmaids pick their own styles so everyone is comfortable.

By buying from the same store or designer you avoid situations where one bridesmaid ends up with a chiffon dress, for example, and another bridesmaid has shiny sateen material or a darker color. A perfect solution is available at David's Bridal where you and your bridesmaids have the option to choose from a range of colors in many different styles. After deciding on a color give your bridesmaids five or more styles to pick from. From a photographer's point-of-view, it's also better to find bridesmaid dresses by color that will fit their individual shape. They will definitely smile more in a dress they feel confident in.

Another good tip is to set a guideline for the approximate length so the photo's will look more uniform.

What's your dream theme or look for bridesmaids?

1 comment:

Carrie said...

i love the color. but i think i would like my bridesmaids to wear the same style.


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